Quality funerals at affordable prices

We provide quality funerals at affordable prices starting from £1000.
Hampshire Funerals are here to help make arranging a funeral simple, removing unnecessary costs and complications.

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Arrange a Funeral

A traditional cremation with an attended funeral service at one of the 6 crematoriums in Hampshire.

Plan for a Funeral

A funeral plan puts you in control and removes unnecessary financial and emotional stress from your loved ones at a difficult time.


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“The team were outstanding, totally professional, compassionate, approachable, and nothing was too much trouble.”

How Can We Help?

During this difficult time we want to work alongside you to minimise any complications and costs. We’ll provide a high quality affordable funeral with the flexibility to make use of any additional services if desired.

Simple and Dignified

Not everyone is seeking an elaborate funeral with all the bells and whistles. We cater for simple yet respectful funerals.

Low-cost and Hassle-free

We pride ourselves on not making the funeral process any more difficult than it already is.

According to the Sun Life Cost of Dying Report 2018 the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £4,271. This cost increases if the deceased wishes to be buried rather than cremated.

We’re Here to Help You Make the Right Choice and Discuss Your Options.

For those who are not seeking a traditional funeral, we are on hand to provide a simple, dignified, and easy service. All of our funeral packages have the possibility to add further services, for those who wish for a more personalised funeral, while remaining affordable.

What Are Your Options?

We offer 3 distinct options to suit your needs or the request of your loved one: A simple funeral for those who feel a traditional funeral is right for them. A Direct cremation for those that want a simpler affair that takes place separately from the personal farewell. Finally, a prepay funeral that can help remove the potential stress in a difficult time. 

Direct Cremation

Simple, Affordable and Hassle-free

A direct cremation takes place completely separately from the personal farewell. Your loved one will be transferred by us to the crematorium. The coffin will be placed on the catafalque, the chapel attendant will supervise and then the coffin will be committed for cremation.

  • Daytime transfer within 25 miles
  • Completion of all documentation
  • Doctors’ fees where they apply
  • Unattended cremation fees
  • Suitable simple coffin, in standard size
  • Option to collect cremated remains from the crematorium or scatter in the Garden of Remembrance (unwitnessed)
  • No chapel visits

Simple Funerals

In the event that you feel a traditional funeral service might include a number of extras that aren’t for you. We’re able to offer you an alternative low-cost cremation service that includes everything your loved one could need, with respectful simplicity.

Prepay Funerals

A funeral plan puts you in control and helps to remove unnecessary financial and emotional stress at a difficult time. A pre-paid funeral plan also guarantees you pay today’s fixed cost for a funeral.

Low-cost and hassle-free funerals from £1000

Quality Funerals at Affordable Prices

To ensure arranging a funeral is as simple as possible, while remaining affordable, the majority of arrangements will be completed online or over the phone.

Alternatively, you can request one of our team to visit you prior to the funeral to ensure the correct paperwork is signed and confirm your understanding the arrangements.

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Why Choose Us?

With a family history of 150 years serving our local community, we have deep-rooted family traditions which allow us to deliver highly professional standards, moral integrity, and uncompromising service at your time of need.

Value For Money

We strive to provide the best value possible. The death of a loved one should not result in in further monetary stress for you or your family members.


Traditional, elaborate funerals are not suitable for everyone. We provide straightforward, hassle-free funeral services and direct cremations.

What Our Customers Say

We’re proud to have supported hundreds of individuals during a difficult time, with our respectful funeral service and direct cremations.

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Thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family. You made a very difficult experience much more bearable and we are forever grateful for that.
J Hudson
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The team were outstanding, totally professional, compassionate, approachable, and nothing was too much trouble. I would have no hesitation recommending their services.
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I was very pleased with their service. They were very professional, empathetic. Cost wise it was very good value given the service they provided

Covid-19 Update

We recognise the added strain that concerns over the Coronavirus are placing on the families who lose a loved one at this time, whether that death is directly related to the virus or not.

We are here to help.

We continue to provide 24 hour support, but inevitably we have had to make some changes, to protect both our clients and our staff.

We remain contactable by phone and email at all times, but regrettably our offices are now open by appointment only. Should you need to attend one of our offices, we ask that a maximum of two people visit at any one time in order to comply with the Government’s Social Distancing recommendations.

We can take you through funeral arrangements over the phone and can deliver any paperwork requiring a signature to you by hand or by post.

We are working closely with the Hampshire Coroner and with local Crematoria to ensure we have the most up-to-date knowledge of the current rules and regulations applying to funerals and we are on hand to advise and support you through the process.

Our aim has always been to relieve you of as much of the burden as possible, by responding to your needs and exceeding your expectations. That remains true today and will continue to be the case throughout these challenging times.

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We understand that our clients may want a more bespoke service so we have a range of services that you can add onto the simple funeral.

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